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Is this Heaven? No, it's Iowa.

Growing up, I had always wanted to move out of Iowa. I grew up in a farming community just south of the Waterloo, Iowa 50701 and Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 zip codes. It always seemed so boring here! Nothing to see but corn and beans. Fast forward about two decades, to present day. Married, a baby girl on the way, living in Waterloo Iowa, and I couldn't be happier! I've come to realize that Iowa is where I plan to live out my life. We get every type of weather, sometimes in the same week. Everybody is friendly, hence the saying 'Iowa nice.' Fall is the season everyone looks forward to. Waking up in the morning, stepping outside into the crisp Fall air, and smelling the leaves. As some people like to say, Fall in Iowa is sweatshirt and bonfire season. Summer is usually the next best season, especially for us here at Northern Iowa Property Services. Summer means mowing and lawn maintenance! Living in the Cedar Falls 50613 and Waterloo 50701 area, we tend to get a little taste of everything Iowa. We have small town, big city, farmland, and wilderness all within a 30 minute drive of us. Winter brings festivities and family from far and wide, to gather and celebrate Christmas and the New Year. It can also bring bitter cold. Spring in Iowa is a time of renewal and rebirth. Flowers, trees, and lawns begin to green up. Birds, bugs, and other wildlife are giving birth, and raising babies. Farmers are planting in the fields, and the warm spring sun is taking the chill away from the Iowa landscape. Now if you ask me, I see no reason to leave Iowa. It is a beautiful, diverse state filled with opportunities far and wide. A state that makes you wonder, "Is This Heaven? No, it's Iowa."

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