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Watering your lawn

It’s going to be hot and dry for a while. Make sure you are watering your lawn regularly, and very, very deeply!

Not doing so could force it, and any weeds you may want killed, into dormancy. A green, lush, growing lawn with handle the heat, the stresses of mowing, and fertilizer/weed killers much better than a dormant or drought stressed lawn.

If you don’t want your lawn looking like a wheat field, you MUST water your lawn! We recommend watering at least a couple times a week whilst we are in this stretch of weather, and once or twice a week during our typical summer weather.

DO NOT WATER FOR SHORT PERIODS OF TIME. All this will do is force shallow root growth. You want a deep, deep watering to saturate the soil, forcing the roots to grow deeper towards the water. Doing so will help to ward off drought stress, in the years to come.

We have had great luck watering different sections of our own lawns each day, to ensure a proper watering. Try to water in the early morning for best results. If you must water in the afternoon, do so immediately when you get home, so that your grass can dry out to prevent diseases from setting in.

If you have any questions, please send us a email!

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